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At 10:18 AM 11/14/05, Dave Handley wrote:
>"I am ready to put the engine ground strap back on, but am not sure where the proper place is to connect it to the engine or the frame. I've looked through all the MGA books I have, the service manual, etc. and none of them ever point the grounding strap."

The best place for me is across the left engine mount. When you un-bolt the engine mount from the frame the ground strap stays with the engine, no other bolts to fiddle with, the strap does not get lost, and you don't forget to put it back on when you reinstall the engine. I cannot absolutely swear this is factory original, but it's nuts to do it any other way.
Ground strap installed across left engine mount
A possible factory alternate might have been from the engine rear plate just above the starter motor to a chassis bulkhead bolt nearby. This may not be a problem if you pull the engine and leave the gearbox in place. Buy if you pull the engine and gearbox together, this is one extra bolt to remove, and you might forget to put it back after engine installation. The hole in the strap is not large enough to put in on a starter motor bolt.

I have occasionally seen one installed between the rear head bolt and a bolt on the heater shelf. That would require enlarging one hole in the strap, and also removing the head bolt nut to R&R the engine. The only advantage of that location is easy access if you forgot it and then install it last.

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