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Here is a picture similar to the preceding one, but taken with a flash. This accentuates the spalling surface of the tappet on the right. It is actually not quite as rough as it appears here. The tappet on the left is very smooth on the flat end, very much a mirror finish. The dark appearance of the ends of these parts is largely a reflection from a dark wall behind the camera. From the shape of the highlight on the last cam lobe you can still discern the slightly crowned shape worn on to the cam lobe.

Cam & tappets with flash

The picture below was taken at a bit of an angle, showing more of the profile of the apex of the cam lobes. Very little wear (generally indiscernible) has occurred on the base circle of any of the cam lobes, and only a small amount of wear on the flanks. But the apex of the last lobe on the right has taken a beating. By measurement, it has been worn down about 0.035 inch, and is obviously somewhat flattened on the tip. Compare this lobe to the third one on the far left, which is very close to the correct original profile.

Cam & tappets, flash & angled

It is also easier to see here that the flat end of the tappet on the left is nearly a mirror finish, as all good tappets should be.

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