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Crank Dog Nut REMOVAL -- CS-104A

Crankshaft pulley Crank dog nut installed
Crankshaft pulley
Stop bruising your knuckles and your ego, and take the easy way out. To remove the crank dog nut un-bend the locktab washer, install a large wrench (1-5/16" for the MGA and MGB) with a long handle. Put gearbox in neutral. Rotate crankshaft clockwise until the wrench handle comes to rest against the inner fender. Hit the starter for half a second, and the dog nut will be loose.

If the engine is out of the car, use a strong 1/2" drive socket handle which is shorter than a breaker bar. Rotate crankshaft to position wrench handle straight up. Press gently to the left (anti-clockwise when facing the engine) and strike the handle soundly right to left (anti-clockwise) with a two pound hammer. Click for larger picture. This is a Craftsman 1/2" drive ratchet handle I have been using in this manner since 1968, and I haven't been able to break it yet. Maybe they don't make 'em like they used to?

wrench with hammer marks

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