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DRIP-PROOF Draft Pipe - CV-201

On June 09, 2014, Edward Wesson in Hiawassee, Georgia, USA wrote:
"Thumbing through non-British car parts catalogs (such as JEGS) I notice that there are catch cans used in race cars, which are spliced into the PCV systems, and am wondering why such a device could not be spliced (somehow), into the draft tube. The low-pressure is still created at the end of the tube, but the weight of the oil, would cause it to drip into the can instead of dripping out the end of the tube.

On June 09, 2014, Edward Wesson wrote:
"So here's what I came up with. I made a cardboard mockup, after measuring everything. The "in" pipe will be the existing draft tube, without modification. I will use a small length of 3/4" copper tube for the new draft tube. I drew a rough sketch, then cut out the cardboard".

"Here's a few shots. The twisted bracket is so that it will fit flush with the cross member".

On June 13, 2014, Edward Wesson wrote:
"Here are photos of the finished product. Testing this weekend.

On June 14, 2014, Edward Wesson wrote:
"I drove about 40 miles today, and checked the down tube. Not a drop of oil. .So far so good. I had cleaned as much of the old oil stains off the stainless-steel exhaust, as I could, and I do not see any new brown markings. This may actually work". -- Edward

On June 15, 2014, Edward Wesson wrote:
"You cannot see it in the photos here, but there is a large grommet in the upper tube hole (you can see the large hole in the unpainted photo, above). My thinking was that movement from side to side would cause the tube (which was lubed with vaseline) to slide in the grommet. I don't think we're talking about very much up and down here. The grommet is snug, but not binding on the tube. In addition, while the bracket is steady enough to hold the box, it could flex a little. I did check the top of the grommet when I got back, and it was dry. Anyway, only time will tell if this will work".

On July 29, 2014, Edward Wesson wrote:
"I have driven approximately 300 miles since installing the catch can on the draught tube. The end of the tube has remained absolutely dry, with no oil drips. When I open the tap, oil comes out, so the system is working as I had hoped. The exhaust down tube, is no longer stained from the oil drips, and the bottom of the car is dry. My floor is now not covered with oil spots. The concern about the mounting method has proved to be no problem. The large grommet at the top of the can is doing it's job, flexing with any engine movement. I can't see any downside to this catch can, and it can easily be removed with one bolt, for those who want to show in concours".

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