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At 03:22 PM 6/9/05 -0400, Roger Bailey wrote:
"Can you tell me if the sump gasket can be changed without difficulty. I remember my old Standard 8, wherein one could not get at the front row of sump bolts without dropping the front suspension!"

Sure, it's easy enough with the right tools.

If the engine mounts are sagging badly it can give you fits to R&R the pan. But in that case you need to replace the engine mounts anyway. When engine mounts are in good condition, you can get the pan off with out touching the mounts.
Tools to remove oil pan The three bolts in front/center can be reached with a 1/4" drive 7/16" socket, a universal joint, a 6" extension, and a ratchet. For the two front corner bolts I use a 7/16" box end wrench with an offset end. It goes one flat at a time, but after a couple of turns you can work them with your fingers. It may take 5 minutes for each corner, but it works without much fuss.

You also have to remove the two bottom bellhousing bolts, as those interfere with the flange on the pan when you drop it down in back. And of course don't forget to drain the oil first.

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