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upper oil pump disassembled For some years it has been a "casual secret" that the two piece rotor set for the MGA and MGB oil pumps may be available as separate service parts. This repair can be considerably less expensive than replacing the whole oil pump assembly. Major parts distributors often make no mention of these parts, because they make more money selling a complete oil pump (as long as the customer doesn't know about the repair kit).

Apparently the oil pump repair kit for the later production five main bearing engine (1965 and later) is a little less of a secret, and may be available through some suppliers, especially if a local distributor happens to know the part number. I have recently stumbled onto a source for the repair kit for the three main bearing engine oil pump (MGA and MGB, through 1964). If you need these parts, contact:

Robert Kirk

Kirk's Auto Refitters - Service and rare parts for British cars.
1401 4th Ave
Rock Island, IL
Phone: (563) 940-1864

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