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TUBE For Oil Dipstick -- OF-112

On 11/3/2009,Doug Schimke wrote:
"The dipstick did not have an extension on the block. Whilst at VB recently I picked one up, only to find that it would not thread into the block".

Is it wrong thread on the tube, or no thread in the block? The only blocks I have ever seen with no thread there would be for some other application with dipstick in some other location, like a Magnette for instance. If you have a non-MGA block, you may have to drill and tap the hole.

I just unscrewed the one from my spare engine. I had never removed one before but it surprised me and came out with finger force only. The thread is 3/8-28-UNEF. I don't have any Extra Fine taps or dies, and no matching nut to try on it, but it measures exactly 0.375" major diameter and meshes perfectly with a 1/4-28-UNF bolt or thread gauge.

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