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BUMP STOP Frame Repair - FR-103

Sometimes the frame flange for mounting the front suspension bump stop may be bent up or cracked due to some prior heavy impact of the tire on a curb or large pot hole. If so, then it needs to be straightened and/or welded as necessary. If the flange was cracked or appears to be weakened, you can fabricate a steel plate 1/8-inch thick to fit on top of the frame flange. Drill the holes in the new plate and install bolts before welding the reinforcement piece into place.
bump stop broken bump stop good
bump stop patch piece

Addendum November 2013:
Someone tells me the shape in the picture is not correct for MGA, so it might be an MGB part. Once the original flange is straightened, you can make a cardboard template from the frame, trace it onto the new metal for cutting. If the frame is too badly damaged to get a good template there, you might make a template from the other side of the frame.

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