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screw heads screw tip Posidrive screws

For MGA, original floorboard screws are BMC# CPZ0416
Countersunk Pointed Zinc 1/4-28-UNF x 1
They are also Pozidrive slotted.
The pointed tip can be a concours issue, even though a socket head or Phillips slotted head and flat washer may be hidden under carpet.

The washer is BMC part number 64401 Counersunk Cup Washer (zinc plated).
screw heads This is similar to a finishing washer, except it has a wide flange around the outer edge to distribute the load over a wide area on the soft wood.

I used hex socket flat head screws with flat tips, just because that's what was conveniently available when I needed them, back in the late 70's when parts were harder to find. In place of the flat flange cup washers I used standard flat washers (3/8 size I think) and hit them with a coutersink tool to make the screw heads lie flush.

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