The MGA With An Attitude
(For 6-Volt or 12-Volt Battery)

By popular demand, here are drawings to fabricate battery carrier bottom frames to repair or replace corroded battery carriers. Original parts were made from 14-gauge (0.075") steel sheet with rolled over edges for stiffening. These drawings show the parts made from 1-inch x 1/8-inch angle iron or 11-gauge (0.120") thick formed steel angle. I prefer the thicker material for long term corrosion resistance when exposed to battery acid, dirt and road exposure, and also for ease of construction. For concours show originality you should buy commercially available original style parts.

These drawings are for original size battery trays to accommodate original type 6-volt batteries. For use with Group 26 size 12-volt battery, extend the side bars 1/1-2 inches (as also noted on the drawings).

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Battery tray frame weldment drawing

Prefer small continuous welding all around both sides to seal against intrusion of battery acid and adhere paint. Grind welds on the top side to have flat surface under the battery. The formed offset shown immediately above goes under the chassis cross rail and allows the rest of the tray to be level and flush with bottom of frame.

Battery tray frame cross bar drawing
Battery tray frame fabrication drawing

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