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BATTERY TRAY ADAPTER For Longer Battery - FR-202C

D Jacobs in Bristol, UK wrote:
"The only way to fit an 063 would be by cutting the tray and extending it rearwards. I didn't want to alter the standard structure, so I made a tray that drops on top of the existing tray. It is made from two pieces of square section steel tube which are the same depth and length as the existing tray, and an L -section piece is welded across one end of the tubes to act as a restraint for the new battery. I bent a steel plate to extend the length of the tubes to accommodate the length of the new battery, and welded at the other end of the square tubes to finish off the new tray. The battery is held down with the original J-clamps, and these also hold the new tray in place when the wing nuts are tightened, no need to drill the existing tray.

Battery tray adapter for longer battery Battery tray adapter for longer battery

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