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CLOGGED Pick-Up Pipe -- FU-100P

On 18 January 2017, Gary Lock in Queensland, Australia wrote:
"Any suggestions to clear a blocked pickup line? The tank has is in excellent order after sitting for 20 years with stale fuel inside. I've cleaned out the insides with POR Marine Clean, but the intake line appears to be solidly blocked. I've tried compressed air but no joy. As you know, the brass right angle attachment to the tank does not encourage any wire or otherwise to be pushed down the line, because of the right angle. My next attempt would be to drill a 1/8" hole in the brass fitting to try pushing something straight down the line, and braze the hole up again later".

Sounds like he is well on his way to both diagnosis and the fix. You can try all kinds of solvents, but when it is clogged so tight that compressed air won't clear it, then solvents are not likely to get through.

If you can rig up a pressure tight fitting with a 1/8-NPT pipe thread, you could use a grease gun to apply much higher pressure, and that would most likely work. Fill the pipe with mineral spirits first to eliminate as much air as possible, Then go after it with the grease gun. Once unplugged flush through with your favorite solvents to completely clean the pipe.

No useful pusher wire will get around the 90-degree turn in the external fitting. Alternatively you can drill a small hole (maybe 1/8-inch) in the elbow for in-line access for routing it our with a stiff wire (suggest speedometer cable and electric drill). When finished you can solder the hole shut or drill and tap for a screw plug (maybe #10-32 screw with a sealing washer). I would not recommend open flame for brazing or soldering, but you can solder using a large copper soldering iron that is heated with a torch (keeping the torch far away from the fuel tank).

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