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FUEL TANK STRAPS - Drawing Error - FU-111

On 03 September 2008, Thomas Koch in Michigan, USA, wrote:
".... I have a question about the placement of the DISTANCE TUBES in the rear of the tank. In all the catalogs and manuals I have looked at it shows the distance tubes vertical between the two halves of the strap somehow. When I removed the old tank I found the distance tubes horizontal on the rear mount above where the manual shows."
fuel tank parts drawing
fuel tank mount Your car is right; the catalogs are wrong. There is a drawing error that has been copied and perpetuated since the factory original Service Parts List. The distance pieces belong on the horizontal top bolts. The tubes allow full tightening of the bolts without distorting the frame brackets. What appears to be a vertical tube on the strap is actually a welded sheet metal part of the strap. This makes the last inch of the strap rigid so there is no mechanical load on the "L" bend end of the strap. (Click for larger picture).

Also bolt and washer items 25 and 26 were drawn in the wrong position. These bolts are installed from the front.

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