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DRAWING ERRORS Give You Problems - GT-100

Beware, there are some drawing errors in the factory literature which can give you problems. These drawings have been copied and perpetuated in a large number of workshop manuals, parts lists, parts catalogs and various instruction sheets since the first factory issue in 1955.

The top cover for the gearbox rear housing is shown backward in the illustrations. If you install it as shown you may not be able to shift into reverse. The cover must be installed with the square bump on top positioned toward the front to give upward working clearance for the interlock arm when moving the selector to the reverse position. If you get this wrong, and you don't notice until the car is about ready to drive away, you may have to R&R the gearbox again to get to the top cover to change it.

Gearbox drawing errors
Gearbox drawing errors that can give you problems

The large bolt used to secure the gearbox rear mount to the frame is also drawn backward in the illustrations. It cannot be installed from the right side as shown after the car is assembled. If you install it that way during restoration work, and then assemble the gearbox tunnel afterward, the bolt cannot be removed. Fear not, you do not have to disassemble the floor and tunnel to get it out. The cure is to move the bolt to the right, cut the head off, then pull it out the left side, and buy a new bolt.

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