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You may have hears about Gold Seal rebuilt engines, but did you know there were also Gold Seal rebuilt gearboxes?

On 7/26/2004 in the MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts group, John Barrett wrote:
"My car, YM1-2055 was built from 01-05-1959. It has engine number 16GB/U/1659 and gearbox number A1662. The strange thing is that the gearbox is a BMC gold seal unit. The date that is stamped on the gearbox adjacent to the clutch slave cylinder mounting point is 19-2-59. There is also a round aluminum disc that has been attached after it was painted gold that reads, Type 14452. On the top of the box is painted/stenciled, the part number for a Twin Cam gearbox, 1H3282. It could be reasonable for me to conclude that the original gearbox from the car was sent back to the factory, overhauled and reunited with the car."

On 11/20/2008 John Barrett sent these pictures:

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