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On 08 March 2010, Mark Thompson in New South Wales, Australia wrote:
"Has anybody in OZ had any experience with fitting a locally modified Nissan 5-speed gear box"?

Then I Hazeldine in New South Wales, Australia, wrote: "You could contact Stuart Ratcliff @ MG Centre of Sydney (Granville). He sells a kit that uses the Datsun / Nissan 5 speed box. It's a quick simple conversion that can easily be converted back to original if required. The only part required off him is an alloy engine backing plate if you want to source your own parts and this makes the conversion a cheap option or he does the complete conversion.

"There are several different gearbox mounts depending upon the box used. One uses the original mounting. The gear stick exits through the original opening. MGA clutch slave cylinder is re-sleeved to a smaller diameter. 5 bearing 1800 motors require a new spigot bush, otherwise original spec. MGA MK-II or MGB pressure plate is used, clutch plate and thrust bearing can be obtained from REPCO or other spare parts supplier. (You may want to recalibrate the speedo as the MPH becomes KPH). A hi torque starter motor (check Vic. MG club for these in for sale section) will negate cutting a hole in the side of the bell housing for the old style starter. Reverse switch is blanked off with a bolt. Obtain the Nissan speedo cable (gearbox end drive is needed) and drive shaft. This is shortened, bolts straight in and has the advantage of sealed for life heavy duty universal joints.

"Stuart is very helpful and will guide you through the conversion. The gear boxes are regularly on eBay or wreckers and came out of mid 80's Bluebird (R.W.D.), 240 & 260Z, 260C, Skyline & Stanza. Delow's in Revesby also sell a kit using Nissan or Toyota boxes and usually run ad's in OZ. classic car mag's".

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