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M.G.s Through The Ages -- HS-105-1880
MG Six Mark I and Mark II 18/80 -- 1928-1932

Mark I Speed Model shown

Entirely M.G. chassis design. 2468-cc, 6-cylinder, ohc engine. Twin SU carburetors (80 bhp). Half-eleptic sprigs. Centre-lock wire wheels. Mark I, 3-speed gearbox; Mark II, 4-speed gearbox, sturdier chassis, improved brakes, etc. Various 2-seater, 4-seater, and saloon bodies. Approximately 750 built.

A special M.G. Six Mark-II 4-speed with body by Carlton Carriage Co., built for University Motors, Ltd. (UK). The cant rails from rear pillars of doors forward fold inward, and the canopy can then be rolled back and secured, converting the body into a modified coupe de ville. The hood also folds down to make a fully open car. There is considerable space in the tail for luggage.

Mark-I Saloon
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