The MGA With An Attitude
MG Series 'MGA' -- HS-105-MGA

MG Series 'MGA' -- 1955-1962 - (1600 Coupe shown)

Aerodynamic sports two-seater, with 2-carburetor, 'B'-series engine, independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering. Up to May 1959: 1489cc, 4-cylinder, ohv engine, 68 bhp (later 72 bhp) at 5500 rpm. 'MGA' 1600, May 1959 - April 1961: 1588-cc and Lockheed disc front brakes, 80 bhp at 5600 rpm. 'MGA' 1600 Mark II, April 1961 - June 1962: 1622-cc, 93 bhp at 5500 rpm. Bolt-on disc or centre-lock wire wheels; open roadster or fixed-head coupe bodies. Approximately 101,000 built.

For 1600 and 1600 Mark II models, optional "Competition Suspension" with Dunlop 4-wheel disc brakes and centre-lock pin-drive steel wheels, same chassis as used on Twin Cam model (following page). Cars with this option are commonly refered to as 1600 "Deluxe" or 1600 Mark II "Deluxe", although the factory never used the term "Deluxe" as a model name.

Magazine articles:
The New M.G. On The Road - Autocar September 23, 1955
Road Test M.G. MGA 1600 - Autocar October 9,1959

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