The MGA With An Attitude
MG Series 'MGC' -- HS-105-MGC

MG Series 'MGC' -- 1967-1969 - (Roadster shown)

Development of 'MGB', with 2912-cc, 6-cylinder engine (145 bhp at 5250 rpm); torsion bar front suspension in place of coil; Girling brakes with servo in place of Lockheed; all-synchro 4-speed gearbox or Borg-Warner automatic transmission; 15-inch wheels (wire or disc) in place of 14-inch; Roadster or GT body.

Arriving with demise of the Austin Healey 3000 (end of 1967), the MGC had a much modified engine with same displacement, 7 seven main bearings, but putting out a tad less power. When the sedan the engine was borrowed from ceased production, the MGC also had to cease production.

Magazine article:
Road Test M.G. MGC - Autocar November 16, 1967

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