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MG Midget Mark I/II/III -- HS-105-MID1

MG Midget Mark I/II/III -- 1961-1974 - (Mk. III shown)

Unit construction sports 2-seater, developed from Austin-Healey Sprite 948-cc, twin carburetor, 4-cylinder, ohv engine (46.4 bhp at 5500 rpm), 4-speed geabox, rack and pinion steering, independent front suspension, drum brakes, quarter-eliptic rear springs, bolt-on disc wheels, detachable sliding side screens. In October 1962, engine enlarged to 1098cc (55 bhp at 5500 rpm) and also baulk-ring synchromesh, disk front brakes, improved trim; later (optionally) centre-lock wire wheels. Hard top available. Aproximately 26,000 built.

Mark II introduced 1964, incorporating bigger windscreen, swiveling quarter-lights, wind-up glass side windows (hardtop available), outside locking door handles, new dash layout, more power (59 bhp at 5750 rpm) and half-eliptic rear springs. Bolt-on disc or centre-lock wire wheels. Mark III introduced October 1966 with 1275-cc engine (65 bhp at 6000 rpm) and folding hood. Restyled gille and seating and Rostyle wheels introduced October 1969.

Magazine article:
Road Test M.G. Midget - Autocar August 18, 1961

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