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MG Midget Mark IV -- HS-105-MID4

MG Midget Mark IV -- 1975-1979

End of the line for MG Midgets. When it became increasingly difficult to meet more stringent emissions standards and keep power up, the MG Midget changed from the venerable Austin A-series engine to the Triumph Spitfire 1500 engine (and matching gearbox). It also got a single Zenith-Stromberg carburetor and catalytic converter. Torque and peak power were up slightly, but so was weight, resulting in not much good for performance.

The Midget also needed heavy rubber bumpers to meet crash standards, and a lift in ride height of a couple of inches to meet bumper height standards. It would still handle fairly well, but seemed to lose a lot of character points. The car ceased sales in North America in 1978, soldiered with dual SU carburetors in the home market into the 1980 model year, but production stopped in early December 1979.

Magazine article:
MG Midget 1500 - Autocar, June 14, 1975 (2.7-MB pdf)

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