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At 08:47 AM 8/4/03 -0600, Craig Reese wrote:
>>.... I have a '61 Bugeye .... I ended up having to replace the original master cylinder with one out of a 1098cc car, which I thought would be no problem since externally they are the same, and the only real difference inside is the bore size of the cylinder.

That can be a problem, and the same with the MGA When you install the 3/4" bore MC in place of the original 7/8" bore unit, you get about 27% less fluid displacement. But the slave cylinders still need the same amount of fluid to operate properly, so you and up needing about 36% longer pedal travel to displace the same required amount of fluid. You may have to double pump the brake pedal to get good brakes, and the clutch may release only with the clutch pedal full down to the floor. The only cure for this problem is to replace the small bore master cylinder with the correct part with larger bore size.

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