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At 08:18 AM 10/24/04 -0600, Jim McKinnish wrote:
>"I came across an item .... bleeder valves for wheel cyclinder and slave cylinders that have a check valve built in. .... They cost about $40 for 5 of them. I look forward to your feedback."

Bleed nipples, check valve and regular types I have better things to do with $40 (for each car that you own), but if you are so inclined you can find them here: Thread size is 3/8-24-UNF for all slave cylinders on the MGA.
Speedbleeder section view
The spring check bleeders usually work when new, although a friend had a couple that were completely plugged (new out of the box). If they get dirt in them they will not work at all, same as having a standard bleeder plugged up, except the spring check units get plugged up a lot easier, and are much harder to clean out. At the very least you have to keep rubber caps on them at all times.

For my money I'd rather buy a pressure bleeder, which can be used on almost any car, and you don't need to buy another set of spring check bleeders for every vehicle.

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