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At 10:37 AM 5/2/05 -0400, Bob Howard wrote:
>.... Ordered a new bushing but my machinist said it wouldn't work without more extensive work than he was prepared to do. ....
>MGB Driver, December 2004 issue, had an article about the problems Moss had obtaining the right bushing, said that the Lucas bushing that was being supplied to them needed to be further worked in order to fit properly. .... The article went on to say that Peter Caldwell, World Wide, had made up bushings that fit properly. ....

At 12:27 PM 3/28/05 -0600, Peter Caldwell wrote:
>They are silicon bronze. .... There are 2 types, one with a step, and one smooth on the outer diameter. Which do you have, or, what is the part number, not model, of the dizzy. Price is $30.00 for either. Call me to order. Mail is $4.00
>World Wide Auto Parts
>2517 Seiferth Rd., Madison, WI 53716
>(800) 362-1025 Fax (608) 223-9403

As a side note, the original shaft is 0.480 inch diameter, and was made that way "back in the day" specifically so that service parts would have to be ordered from the manufacturer. Now we have the requirement for a custom made bushing at a premium price.

The gist of the MGB Driver article was that the bushing being supplied by Moss was straight on the outside diameter. This should be machined slightly undersize for 2/3 of the length to allow easy insertion into the distributor body.

Further review of the part made by Peter Caldwell reveals the correct step in the OD. It also reveals the ID to have just a smidge more clearance around the shaft than the factory spec. The reason for this is to make post installation machining of the bore unnecessary so anyone can install the bushing without special tools.

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