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HT SPARK PLUG WIRE Positions - IG-114

For those confused about where spark plug wires connect to the distributor cap, here's a couple of pictures.
side entry distributor cap top entry distributor cap
Photo on left is the standard Lucas vacuum advance distributor with side entry distributor cap. Photo on right is my Mallory Dual Points distributor with stop entry distributor cap (and no vacuum advance parts). Lucas distributors with top entry caps have the same connector positions.

When the distributor drive gear is installed with correct orientation (see IG103), and #1 piston is at Top Dead Center on compression (both valves closed), the distributor rotor will be pointing roughly in the direction of #1 spark plug (about 1:30 o'clock direction). Firing order starts there and procedes anti-clockwise around the distributor cap, 1-3-4-2.

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