The MGA With An Attitude
BMC part number, AHH5945

On popular demand, here is a drawing of the ignition coil mounting plate for the MGA 1600. Notice two holes are parallel to the wide end of the plate, which is correct for the MGA 1600. If you find a plate with those two holes at about 18 degree angle, that would be the part for early MGB (which is shown on the next page).

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Ignition coil bracket for MGA 1600

The MGA 1600 ignition coil will be angled a little outboard and upward, positioned above and parallel to the chassis frame tube just inboard of the inner fender. Photo below left shows an original factory bracket. Photo below right shows a hand made part with the outboard flange turned down rather than up, for better access for easier wrenching on the motor mount bolts.
Ignition coil bracket for MGA 1600 Ignition coil bracket for MGA 1600
Ignition coil brackets for MGA 1600
Giovanni Delicio in Obrigheim, Rheinpfalz, Germany had some of these parts made up in staniless steel (photo at right).

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