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ELECTRONIC IGNITION, Pertronix Failure #2 - IG-205C

On 4/16/2015, Stephen Holt wrote:
A bit of information from PerTronix in regards to electronic distributors and MGB Tacho’s. I installed a D1766 distributor I purchased from a local MG spares stockist (here in Sydney, Aust.) and I started almost immediately to have trouble with the Tacho. It was all over the place, it would read
  • Zero
  • Correct RPM
  • Swing
  • Full scale.
  • I noted from your pages that people had had similar problems so I contacted them direct and here is there answer.

    "If you have a Smith tach you must remove the loop from the back of the tach and it should fix your problem. See attachment". -- Carl Alcocer, Technical Support, PerTronix Inc., 909-273-6007
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