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GEARSHIFT BOOT Installation - INT-100A

The gearshift rubber boot is a necessary piece for keeping the heat out of the passenger compartment in warm weather, also keeping the cold out in winter weather, and keeping the engine fumes out at all times. Keeping all of the underbody holes plugged also cuts down on noise intrusion. This procedure is associated with the following article on carpet installation, so you may want to read about that while you are installing the gearshift boot.

On September 15, 2012, Geoff Howard in Ashburn, VA, USA wrote:
"My gear shift boot (draught excluder) has always been a bit suspect in the way it was attached, but now it has pulled out and sits on top of the carpet. That "draught" is quite hot. I can't quite work out how to reattach it".

The rubber boot has a wide thin base flange with a narrower flange underneath. This leaves a groove in between the flanges that should fit into the tunnel cover like a large rubber grommet. For installation put the small chrome ring on the top end of the boot first, then push it down onto the shift lever, and pop the base flange into the tunnel cover with your fingers. Push the top end of the boot down on the shift lever far enough so the convoluted sections are not not in tension, so it will stay put at the bottom without pulling out of the tunnel cover. Install locking nut and shift knob last.

When installing the tunnel center carpet section, the hole in the carpet should sit below the lowest convolution of the rubber boot and on top of the bottom rubber flange. In this position the carpet tends to hold the bottom of the boot in place, although presence of the carpet should not be necessary for the boot to stay put. The boot also tends to keep the carpet piece aligned. If the boot pops out of the hole in the tunnel cover, either the top end of the boot is too high, or the shifter is misaligned with the tunnel cover (A common problem with non-standard gearbox transplants).

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