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FASTENERS for Interior Panels (Roadster) -- INT-103B1

Gleaned from the Service Parts List. The Twin Cam SPL has the correct quantities.

RTP404 Screw fixing dash side liner (1/2-in) - 10 reqd
7701 Washer for screw (cup) - 10 reqd

RTP407 Screw fixing door liner (7/8-in) - 4 reqd
RTP404 Screw fixing door liner (1/2-in) - 22 reqd
7701 Washer for screw (cup) - 26 reqd

RTP404 Screw fixing door pocket (1/2-in) - 24 reqd

RTP404 Screw fixing rear quarter liner (1/2-in) - 2 reqd
7701 Washer for screw (cup) - 2 reqd
FWP106 Cup washer for liner and pockets screw (8 reqd)
7701 not available, use FWP106

RTP = Raised Countersunk Tapping Plated (Nickle or Chromium).
FWP - Finishing Washer Plated (Nickle or Chromium).
Original screws and cup washers are #4 (0.112" diameter screw).

    RTP404 (58 reqd)
    RTP407 ( 4 reqd)
    FWP106 (62 reqd)

The screw is called "raised countersunk head", or oval head, or grommet head.
The washer is called cup washer, or finishing washer, or grommet washer.

It is common for the holes to be stripped out after a few passes at reassembly. If you are installing new panels, just make a new hole in a slightly different location. If you insist on using original locations, then weld the hole shut, grind smooth, and re-drill.

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