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Door Top Trim Rails, WOOD PROFILE -- INT-104B

On November 06, 2013, Vaughn Renwick in Bridgetwown, St. Michael, Barbados wrote:
"I've looked everywhere for dimensions and profile of the door top trim rail without success. I have the aluminum sections and I'm making my own wood strips, but the inner side profile of the alum sections slopes outward slightly, so I'm not sure what the profile of the wooden rail should be. Does anyone have photos of the end that attaches to the alum corner piece? I want their dimensions".

Here goes an attempt to describe the profile so you can make the wood parts. Starting with lots of photos and notes may eventually lead to a drawing. The first photo is from David Dee in Canada. (Click for larger image).

On November 06, 2013, Randy Brown in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA wrote:
"Even the ones you buy are not perfect. I bolt the wood to the corner, putty up any gaps with bondo and sand away anything that doesn't look like what I want".

On November 08, 2013, Randy Brown wrote:
"That is just a Moss part and a little bondo".

On November 07, 2013, David Dee in Canada wrote:
"Here are some photos of an original but weathered piece. There is a corner broken away/missing from the end that attaches to the metal piece, it should be full width. There is some decay and wood loss at the b pillar end on this piece, it should be fuller. The profile gets more aggressive as you proceed from b end to a end. The height tapers down for the last couple of inches before blending with the profile of the the metal piece. The curve is 5/8-inch away from the ruler at the a end".

"I looked harder and have found another set of rails that is in excellent condition which will make great pattern pieces. I will get some paper to trace the outlines and profiles in all dimensions and will post new and improved pictures in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, a teaser shot (that didn't work very well) of the rail previously pictured and the better set".

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