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DOOR SEALS - NTG, Installing -- INT-108F
This article is provided by David Adams in the UK.

INT-108B and E are concerned with the correct Furflex outer seals which have a flange on the spine which locks onto an edge fastener clip which is itself applied over the Ramsey inner seal shown in 108E. Seals with a flanged spine are available only from Clarke Spares and Restorations but in UK we can get a similar product without the flange. But how to keep it fixed?

For my Coupe, I bought 12mm square glue dots which come already stuck to a paper backing tape in a pack. The glue dots are at 20mm centers. One pack just does one door. I thought about using contact adhesive but decided that this would be too messy and prone to disaster. I stuck the dots centrally over the steel seam that supports the seals, cautiously in sections on the first door but found it was better to do it as a continuous strip on the second door. Pressed down firmly through the paper they stuck tight, and I peeled the paper back parallel to the seam so there was less tendency for the dots to come off with the paper.

The Ramsey sponge seal is opened out and applied progressively to the dots, pressing down firmly on the top and each side. It goes on easily and with no mess. The sponge seal was secured with bulldog clips and the join under the weight on the sill was butted together with contact adhesive with a splint of sponge inside the seal cavity.

The outer seal was bound with scotch tape to prevent it from detaching from the barbs on the spine, levered open so that a piece of 6mm flat bar could slide between the teeth of the spine and then the tape was repaired. I needed 6mm to fit over the seam, foam and double thickness of my thicker than standard headlining. You will probably need less.

I started the outer seal on the sill seam at the front corner of the door and worked along the sill and around the door, pressing down and crimping the teeth of the spine into the foam, as the picture in INT-108B.

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