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MGA Seat Belts - AUSTRALIAN 3-POINT -- INT-123

On 21 December 2008 Mike Ellsmore in Victoria, Australia, sent this information:
"Wanting to do a bit of club competition I decided to fit lap/sash belts. On a recommendation from this site I purchased the replica Mk-II mounting brackets from Clarke Spares & Restorations (high quality).
Lift to unlatch buckle - not allowed
I then opted to purchase a set of belts from Bob West in the UK. After about 6 months use I was chipped by the Club scrutineer that this type of buckle and tongue (lift and latch) did not comply with Australian Standards and could not be used in club competition in 2009. You will note from the photo that these are lift type buckle similar to those used on aircraft and haven't been legal in Australia since the early 70s.

I have now installed a new set of Australian Standard complying belts from HEMCO for $A190 delivered. These have cable stalks on the drive tunnel side that make clipping together easier; colour is beige to suit my seat colour; adjustment is on the shoulder strap rather than on the waist; they came with all the correct fitting hardware - stepped spacers, wave washers, etc; and they have that important tag saying they are AS compliant.
AS compliant 3-point belts
AS compliant 3-point belts
I note in Todd Clarke's notes that came with the brackets that lap/sash belts were available from JC Whitney for $60-USD a set, including chrome plated buckle, multiple colours available - with the exchange rate & freight would end up about the same minus the AS tag).

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