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MGA Seat Belts - INERTIA REEL #2 -- INT-125B

On 11 April 2011, Andrew Preston in California, USA wrote
"When I fitted inertia belts to my Coupe. I used the Todd Clarke bottom attachment point to the frame and tunnel and the same attachment point on the inner fender for the standard 3 point belt. It is very comfortable and allows the driver/passenger to move around a little. I have no idea what the bolt pull out spec is but it would need to pull a large washer through the inner fender or tear the fender apart and if that happened I think the frontal impact would hurt more. The belt does not slip off the shoulder but it's always under tension from the retractable unit. The belt is made by Amsafe retractable 3-point, code AM3PT. I purchased them through Gotbelts in the US but I don't see them on their website anymore".

Retractor reel in this position may interfere with stowing the rag top on the roadster, or the stowed rag top may intefere with routing of the shoulder belt.

J.H. Cole in Hampshire, UK wrote:
"Is there any tendency for the belt to slip off the shoulder with that position of fixing on the wheel arch? I have a static belt and I'm considering lifting the fixing point a little as far as the inner wheel arch will allow. At present it DOES slip off the shoulder if it's too loose".

Andrew Preston replied:
"The belt does not slip off the shoulder but it's always under tension from the retractor".

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