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Here is the gist so far - the pics actually tell most of the tale. The hard part of this is the "tuck and roll" for the 6 middle padded pleats. I read one article that said you could cheat by topstitching through a foam backing vs. blind sewing all the individual pieces...looks horrible though - very cheap. My seats had three covers on them - the bottom one was the original black leather with red piping. I washed it and carefully cut it apart at the seams and used it for my patterns. Some guesswork and assumptions are still required as the material on the sides was in pretty bad shape. The seats are slightly asymmetrical, but not so much that it really matters. The cut of the top will be a bit wider on the rear of the tunnel side (look at your seat pan and you'll see why), but the sides are more or less the same. I started by cutting all the strips for the pleats out of the vinyl (very nice material, by the way - Whisper faux leather camel - $20/yard and you need 5 yards for the seats and another 2 yards for the rest of the interior. I got it a Joanne's Fabrics - if they don't have it they can order it for you.)

  • Automotive or Marine vinyl for seating - approx. 7 yards for the whole interior - $140 to $200. - Here is the vinyl:
  • Sewing machine with a #14 ball point needle (or one that says it is for sewing jeans or upholstery).
  • Good scissors made for cutting material (Singer, Fiskars, etc).
  • Rotary fabric cutter (only about $15 and you'll be glad you got it) from a quilting or sewing store - Wal-Mart sells them.
  • 3 yards of muslin - very inexpensive at around $2/yard
  • 2.5 yards of 2" high density foam - $20/yard
  • 2 yards of 0.5" high density foam (for pleats) - $6/yard
  • 3 yards of rayon (mine was of bamboo origin) batting - $3/yard
  • High quality upholstery thread that is the same or slightly darker than your vinyl
  • 10 yards of cording for piping core - $1/yard (used for seats as well as around the cockpit rails)
  • Ballpoint pen for marking the muslin
  • Chalk or soap for marking the vinyl (on the face)
  • Pins
  • Worktable
  • Yardstick
  • Fabric measuring tape
  • Knife to cut the foam
  • Headliner spray adhesive
  • Staple gun (industrial or pneumatic) with 1/2" staples
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