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Replacing REAR HUB SEALS - RA-101-11

Enter the SPEEDI-SLEEVE. This little repair device is manufactured by Chicago Rawhide, the same company that makes shaft seals. The correct size for the MGA and early MGB banjo style rear axle hub seal is 1-15/16" diameter. The CR part number is 99193, and by default the width of the ring is 5/8", no other width is available from this source. The repair ring is shown here in the center of the picture. It has a thickness of only 0.010" with a polished outer surface and a flange on one side (in addition to the working width). At the end of the working width and before the flange there is a score line that allows the flange to be broken off and removed after installation.

The price of these little jewels is not for the faint of heart. I paid $47.30 each plus sales tax. And, since the finished part as installed weighs in at about 1/6 of an ounce, that puts it right up there with the price of gold. But when you need these things, they're a lot easier and cheaper than some of the alternatives. Another source for essentially the same part is Federal Mogul, National Redi-Sleeves with the same part number 99193. The Federal Mogul part might be a little less expensive. These seal repair sleeves should be available through any bearing supply house, if not out of stock then probably within 24 hours from local warehouse.

The drawn steel cup on the left comes in the box with the ring. It protects the ring in shipping and storage, and it is intended to be used as a driver tool to install the ring on the shaft. For this application the depth of the cup is insufficient to clear the end of the axel housing, so other means will have to be devised to drive the ring into position.

The Speedie Sleeve The Speedie Sleeve
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