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Replacing REAR HUB SEALS - RA-101-13

This is where you get creative. Because of the extended length of the axel housing, you need a longer tube to push the Speedi-Sleeve into position. The new tool needs to be a tube a little over 2" inside diameter with a clean flat end. Here I'm using a piston ring compressor to do the job. That was very convenient, as the ring compressor would just squeeze down far enough to fit over the diameter of the Speedi-Sleeve. The end of the tube should fit against the flat part of the flange on the ring, not against the radius on the flange, so the tube should be a loose fit on the ring.

I used the side of the head of a two pound hammer to tap on the tube and push the ring into place. Keep the tube and the ring straight, and tap gently. You don't want to break the flange off of the ring prematurely. The ring is a tight press fit, but because it is so thin it doesn't take a lot of force to stretch it out and push it over the housing. And do not push the ring on too far (see next frame).

Pressing the sleeve into place
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