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MGB REAR AXLE installation in the MGA - RA-203

At 08:11 PM 8/1/04 -0400, Patrick Mulholland wrote:
>"I am considering storing my MGA rear axle and using a more modern engineered unit. Do you know if a MGB rear axle dimensions will suit a MGA? ...."

Chuckle. You think that's more modern? These cars were all built with 1920's technology.

The early MGB banjo type rear axle is a direct replacement for the MGA unit as an assembly. Brakes are different. Hand brake cable is the same for MGA and MGB with banjo type axle, but different between bolt-on wheels and wire wheels.. For brake parts and steel fluid lines consult the MGB parts catalog.

The later MGB tube type axle (Salsbury) can also be used, but requires a different length propshaft. MGB propshafts can be used with the MGA 1600 type gearbox with bolted output flange. I don't think either MGA 1500 type propshaft with the sliding splines on the front yoke can be used with the tube type axle (wrong length), so the tube type axle would be a tough transplant with a 1500 gearbox (would have to custom fabricate a propshaft to fit the length requirement).

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