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Okay, so it's not exactly TECH, but enough people have asked that it was time to post it anyway. The question was "Where did you get that jacket?"


    And the answer is:
Auto Embroidered Graphics, Inc. (a.k.a. Auto Graphics)
    (Last known address in 1997)
710 Burns Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
    (513) 921-0146

I believe the gent's name mnay be Jim Pesta, but could be in error. I ordered one of these (actually two) from him at the British Car Festival in DesPlaines, Illinois in September 1988. I think it was about $49 at the time. I liked it an wore it so much that I just wore it out after a while, so I ordered up a new one in late 1997. Cost then was $69 plus $4 for shipping.

I guess the main attraction here is the large MGA embroidered on the back, but it also has the MG logo and the "Safety Fast" logo embroidered on the front along with my name. There is (was) a choice of colors and styles for the jacket. I chose the racing jacket with the thin lining or no lining, as I often wear it in layers with sweat shirts for cooler cruising conditions, or with just a t-shirt underneath for mild weather conditions. There is (was) also a choice of colors for the embroidery, and also a large number of different pictures and logos available. In other words, you could custom order just about anything you like.

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