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Diamond In The Rough - Is It DOABLE?

On Oct 31, 2009, Marty Davoren in Camden, Arkansas, USA wrote:
Is it doable? Went to see this in the woods. It's a 1500 but could not open the hood for we were skeptic of critters.

Well I was trying to be funny here. In order to get it out we will have to cut some pine trees to make a path, seems it's been there for 30 years. It was actually as the owner said, driven to be parked there and hasn't been stripped so that seems encouraging. I do plan on getting it for the parts. It is definately a 1500, has all the drive train, has all the dash gauges, has the seat frames, decent windsheild frame, three of the four wire spoke wheels, and hopefully more when I get into it".

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