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Removal and reassembly of a front suspension coil spring is likely easier than you might think. Loosen lug nuts , raise the front of the car, support the frame on jack stands, and remove the front wheel. Disconnect the brake hose or (optionally) dismount the brake caliper (disc brake car).

Place a floor jack under the suspension lower A-arm, directly under the coil spring. Lift suspension just enough to lift the top suspension arm (shock absorber lever arm) off of the rubber bumper. This unloads all of the suspension joints except the lower A-arm inner pivot. Remove the upper trunnion bolt to disconnect the swivel link from shock arm. Lower and remove the floor jack to relieve pressure on the coil spring. Push down the lower A-arm and lift the coil spring out of the nest.

Jack stand under frame
Jack stand under frame
Lift spring and remove top bolt
Jack under spring, remove bolt
Lower jack, push down, remove spring
Lower jack, remove spring

Beware that if the engine is not in the car there may not be enough weight to hold the frame down while you jack up the lower A-arm to compress the spring. In this case you might recruit a helper to stand on the chassis, or otherwise resort to using a coil spring compressor.

If you only wish to change the coil spring while leaving the suspension mostly in assembly, then try this slightly different method. As before, lift car, set frame on jack stands, remove wheel, place floor jack under spring pan, and lift slightly to take up load of spring. Loosen four bolts holding the spring pan to the A-arm brackets. Remove the two inner bolts, then slowly lower the jack allowing the spring pan to hinge downward on the two outer bolts. The upper suspension arm will be resting on the bump stop, and the spring pan will only have to be lowered a few inches to remove all tension from the spring so the spring can be removed. Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.

On Jan 29, 2011, Mick Mcguire in Georgia, USA wrote:
"This was my solution and it worked very easily and well. This is my Son-in-laws 1973 MGB that we are working on together".

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