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ANDREX Friction Shock Absorbers And Brackets - FS-125A

On 2/7/2016, Edward Vandyk wrote:
"I recently picked up a set of MGA Andrex and am going to fit them to an early Twin Cam. Your FS-125 shows the upper bracket in situ but I thought you might like photos of the bracket off the car. It appears it might be 'handed' because it has a very slight twist in it. I only have the one, another is being fabricated without a twist and this should resolve the handed question. The shockers have AHH 5609 written on them. There is a packing plate for the Andrex itself as well. Mounting bracket .... thickness is 6mm".
Andrex damper front Andrex damper front
Andrex damper front Andrex bracket front drawing
Andrex bracket front Andrex bracket front

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