The MGA With An Attitude

Cross reference list for the oil seal for front wheel bearing hub, all MGA except Twin Cam and "Deluxe" cars. Also for MG TC, MG TD. MG TF, MG YB, MG ZA, MG ZB.

Seal Dimensions: Inside Diameter: 2.125 in (53.98 mm) -- 2-1/8" shaft size Outside Diameter: 2.838 in (72.09 mm) -- (special) housing bore Width: 0.312 in ( 7.95 mm) -- 5/16" seal thickess Original MGA part numbers: BMC/Leland ACF4004 Additional part numbers: Moss Motors UK ACF4004 Moss Motors US 120-600 ROVER 88G555 ROVER ACF4004 ROVER GHS104 ROVER GHS211 ROVER RTC3504 Victoria British 5-858 Chrysler T3497 Manufacturers: CR 550111 National 1035 Payen C449 Timken 1035 Weston WR132

Here is another possibility. You might try a metric dimension shaft seal in size 54x72x8mm. The OD is almost 0.004-inch smaller, but with the rubber covered shell it may work.

Harwal 547208 ADL MBR (double lip Nitrile)

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