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REAMING the Front Suspension BRONZE BUSHINGS -- FS-201
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The primary tool for this job is a 3/4 inch chucking reamer with a 5/8 inch diameter shank and straight cutting flutes. This tool costs about $34 (updated Oct 2000) and is available from industrial machine tool suppliers. It should be nominal size, 0.7500 +/- 0.0002 inch diameter. The steel bearing tubes that fit inside the bushings are a bit undersize to provide the necessary running clearance.

Addendum, January 22, 2006:
Here's one cheaper:  3/4 inch high speed chucking reamer for $13.99
If it is not available, just Google "chucking reamer" +"3/4".

To use this tool as a hand reamer without a drill press or milling machine it needs to be self-aligning. To make the reamer self-aligning you need to install a thin metal sleeve a bit less than 1/16 inch thick on the shank of the reamer to act as a pilot diameter. The exact thickness of the sleeve is not particularly critical. I used a piece of soft steel pipe hanging strap and just wrapped it around the shank tightly so that it will fit inside of the new bronze bushing before reaming.

Addendum, September 6, 2009:
In lieu of the metal pipe strap, one visitor reports wrapping the shank of the reamer with masking tape to match the ID of the bushing.

3/4" Reamer with guide sleeve installed
3/4 inch chucking reamer with pipe strap to provide a pilot diameter
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