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REAMING the Front Suspension BRONZE BUSHINGS -- FS-201
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Now the cutting begins. Push on the upper end of the lever with one hand while you turn the reamer with the other hand. Most reamers will require a right hand or clockwise cutting rotation, the same as a normal right handed drill bit. The force required at the top end of the lever may be only about 10 pounds. If you use too little force the reamer will not cut. If you use too much force the reamer will jam in the bushing. When you get the force just right you should be able to turn the reamer with a couple of fingers on the end of the locking pliers and see and hear and feel the progress as it is cutting. If you turn it at one or two revolutions per second the cutting job should only take a minute or two for the reamer to cut its way all the way through the bushing. Using a little oil on the cutting flutes of the reamer will make the job go a little easier, but generally speaking, this is a no-sweat job.

When cutting soft bronze with the hardened steel reamer, the life of the reamer flutes should not be an issue, the tool should last you for a lifetime. However, as a general rule, do not turn the reamer backwards, as doing so can dull the cutting edges of the reamer flutes.
Turning the reamer by hand

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