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King Dick pliers
Above are King Dick pliers from Dec 31, 1958. Some of the pliers have ABINGDON etched or stamped on a ground flat space on the side of the handle (these do not).

Abingdon - King Dick pliers
Above and below, some King Dick pliers stamped around the pivot with "ABINGDON" and "KING DICK". I rather like these with slightly narrower jaws for tighter places, serrated flat bite in front, serrated round bite inside, sharp jaws for cutting and stripping electrical wires, and also the heavy steel wire cutter indents on the sides. Thanks to Gordon Pugh for this picture.
Abingdon - King Dick pliers close up

TW pliers
TW pliers logo
These are "TW" pliers, period tools from a swap meet.
"TW" is the manufacturer's brand name "TW Superslim". These could be period aftermarket tools, but probably never original issue for the MGA.

Below we have two pliers that were both found in the same tool kit. Photos are from John E. Bender in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The too kit was in a family owned 1960 MGA purchased new, known to be original. The King Dick pliers appear to be newer, but are at least 30 years old. The other "odd" pliers are likely part of the factory supplied tool kit. They are marked 529 and MADE IN ENGLAND, and markings are the same on the opposite side, no other markings.
529 pliers
529 pliers

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