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OIL CANS, Vintage - TF-215

Small oil cans At left we have two vintage oil cans both unmarked. The smallest has a brass screw on cap on the spout, and the spout unscrews to refill. The larger has two brass screw caps - one to refill and one on end of spout with pin to clear spout. Since these are both capped and sealed they could travel well. The small round one is very nice for oiling the generator rear bearing in the confined space of the engine bay, as shown in the MGA workshop manual. You can call these squeeze oilers, or click oilers, or cricket oilers, as they have a domed surface that will click over center when pressed hard, then snap back when released. Another common form is a hemispherical shape can with a slightly domed flat bottom and spout on top that is removeable for filling.

Large pump oil can

At right is a larger shop oiler with thumb trigger pump. Marked on screw on top is WESCO BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND and also marked WESCO NYLON on the spout.

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