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Engine Stands, Side Mount #1 -- TS-102A

This picture of a side mount engine stand is compliments of Hap Waldrop in Greenville, SC, USA. He writes:
"The pick up points are on passenger side/distributor side of the block. They are two 5/16-24 bolts where the alternator/generator bracket bolts up for the front side, and the water drain thread hole on the rear side. The deal is the water drain hole is a funky British thread, but it's like .501" 19 TPI, so a 1/2"-20 threads into just fine, as they are so close. We made our first one back in the 80s, and since I have made two more, it makes it a lot easier as you can mount the rear engine plate, flywheel, clutch and such while the engine is still on the stand, I made them for A series, Triumph 1147/1296/1500 and TR6 as well. They are nothing fancy, I normally make them from whatever I have lying for metal,and don't spend a lot of time making them pretty, just functional".

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