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Snap Connector Tools - TS-133

Snap connector crimping tool I haven't owned or used these tools, but I can understand the high level of recent interest. The first is a relatively expensive bullet connector crimping tool. Most people only restore or maintain one car that may have bullet connectors. They may also but a replacement wiring harness that already has the bullets installed, so the cost of this tool may not be justified for only occasional use. It also requires the use of special crimp type bullet connectors that are not original issue style. If you are restoring more than one car and spend some time repairing old wiring, you might consider it.
Snap connector closing tool
The next is a substantially cheaper snap connector closing tool. If you work with snap connectors more than once you may appreciate the convenience of this tool. In short, it can push the snap connectors together in a second or two and may avoid some bruised knuckles or punctured hands. This tool is cheap enough, but some people may cut slots in the tips of standard slip joint pliers for the same purpose. That idea is good for consolidating tools in your traveling tool kit.

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