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Lift The Dot Fastener PUNCH #1 - TS-145

On May 30, 2007, Rick Schnitker wrote:
LTD punch, Moss Motors "I purchased a lift the dot punch to do my top and tonneu cover. After punching less than 20 holes the end which actually creates hole is chipped and the end which recieves the hammer is peined over and cracked. If this tool is aimed at professionals as the ad states, there would be alot of disappointed professionals out there as you need one for every 2 tops installed. At close to 80 dollars, I don't think so. --- I have always been pleased with Moss and the way they handle these things. I just would recommend others refrain from purchasing it until they address the hardness of the metal used in manufacturing it. After all, its not that hard to do lift the dot installations without it".

Others have had better luck with thus tool in the past and may report good resuts after installing multiple tops and tonneau covers. There is some speculation that material spec's may have changed with more recent production tools.

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