The MGA With An Attitude

For the late 1600 model (beginning with chassis number 78249) and all MK-II cars, the procedure may be a little different. For those cars the metal frame will articulate in a different manner. For this one David Grahame sends these photos. Click for larger images.

late model top lying on body tonneau When you first lift the late model top frame out of the cockpit it will not lock legs in the upright position. However the frame will fold rearward so you can lay the assembly on top of the body tonneau as shown at right.

Next step is to pull the fabric up and back to lay the rear edge out behind as shown below left. Pull the wings out and hook the steel bar under the chrome body hooks as shown below center. Then you can expand the frame and lift it upward at a steep angle as shown below right. When the side frame is locked it should be stable in that position.
late model top pulled out at back late model top hooked on tonneau late model top raised at an angle
late model top full up but not latched Once the tail is hooked and the side frames are locked you can tilt the top forward to bring the front bow into contact with the windscreen. Press one corner over the latch peg, pulling the fabric flap in front of the windscreen frame, and turn the wing bolt up snug but not tight.

Then go around to the other side, pull the rest of the fabric flap in front of the windscreen frame, push that side down firmly on the peg and turn the wing bolt full tight. While you are there, pull the fabric flap along the side frame out to rest against the outside of the frame if necessary, then fasten the attachments at the side to body, and close the door.

Going back around to the first side, press the front bow down and turn the wing bolt full tight, pull the fabric out along the side frame if necessary, and fasten the attachments at the body side. The last detail is to reach inside to connect the toggle latch to the center of the windscreen frame. You could otherwise do that after you get into the car and close the door.

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